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Technical writers create instructions, manuals, training materials, online assistance, brochures, posters, newsletters—and the list goes on and on. What do you suppose is the role of document design in technical writing? What are some main principles of document design technical writers should be aware of?

Reference no: EM13277515

Guide nursing practice in specific settings

There are organization that help to guide nursing practice in specific settings. Visit one of the organization's websites and find information about the professional standards

How has the great recession directly affected the magnitude

How has the Great Recession directly affected the magnitude of stress that people experience? How have the responses of businesses to the Great Recession affected employ

Ecological components of crisis assessment

To prepare for this Assignment: Review and consider the affective, behavioral, cognitive, developmental, and ecological components of crisis assessment. Reflect on the "screen

Discuss code specific approach to multicultural counseling

Choose one of the different ethical codes we have reviewed (ACA, APA, or NAADAC) and discuss that code's specific approach to multicultural counseling. What guidelines are

Define gantt and program evaluation review technique chart

Two of the most common charts used in project management are the Gantt and program evaluation review technique (PERT) charts. The purpose of these charts is to assist with p

Dialogue between two artists discussing

Create a dialogue between two artists discussing their work(s) with an interviewer asking questions in front of an audience at an art gallery (much like a panel discussion f

Physiological characteristics differentiate male and female

1. Write the word "masculine", followed by words that describe masculinity or that would be characteristic of someone who you would identify as masculine. Then, do the same

How can you help clients identify and express their feeling

What does it mean to "be a helper and not a problem solver" in the therapy process? And how can we (as counselors) demonstrate this with our clients?What is active listening


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