Technical writers create instructions-manuals-brochures

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Technical writers create instructions, manuals, training materials, online assistance, brochures, posters, newsletters—and the list goes on and on. What do you suppose is the role of document design in technical writing? What are some main principles of document design technical writers should be aware of?

Reference no: EM13277515

Inappropriate behaviour in a counsellor-client situation

Describe a scenario in which a failure to establish boundaries might be responsible for inappropriate behavior on either the part of the client or the counsellor.

What are the major types of sedimentary rocks

What are the major types of sedimentary rocks and how do they form? What are sedimentary structures and what do they tell us about how sedimentary rocks were deposited? How di

What type of therapy do you suggest

Give 2 types of evidenced-based therapeutic interventions open to this client, and explain how you would utilize them. What type of therapy do you suggest as the best recomm

Values may be self-governing

Values may be self-governing, but they do change with time. The link among personality, values, and work ethics is difficult to decipher. Your basic makeup is with you in ever

What is the most important element of freud perspective

This module addressed research methodologies used to better understand the construct of personality. Which of these methods produces the most valid information in the real w

Federal-local and shared powers

Pick one power from each of the categories: Federal, Local, Shared. For each power, is it in the right place? For instance, is there a federal power that should be local or

Change of new immigration change asian american films

Question: Many of the films we have watched since the midterm exam take place in the post 1965 era of new Asian immigration. How did the change of new immigration change As

What is the absolute pressure

Your pressure gage indicates that the pressure in your cold tires is 0.25MPa (gage) on a mountain at an elevation of 3500m. what is the absolute pressure? After you drive down


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