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1. This is Part IV of 4 - the Final Project: This Final Project Paper must be a technical paper on Database topics that have been pre-approved in earlier weeks by your instructor, using knowledge gained in the course. A general paper written for the common IT user or general reader is NOT acceptable.

2. The Paper Topic must be the one approved earlier

3. It must follow the Paper Outline submitted earlier

4. It must utilize the Paper Bibliography submitted earlier

o your references must be formatted according to APA Guidelines
o you must use all 10 sources you supplied as Annotated Bibliography sources
o these sources should be from industry articles, journals, academic and professional textbooks, and case studies
o you may not use Wikipedia or Webopedia as a reference

5. The Project Paper

• must be around 10 to 15 pages - with full APA formatting
• will follow a conventional report format (introduction, abstract (optional), body, conclusion, and references)
• must accompany an acceptable originality report with your paper (10% maximum overall match with no single source above 1%)
• rubric in the syllabus will be used for the paper

Reference no: EM13762018

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