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1. Given that proteins are read and synthesized N-terminal to C-terminal,why does it make sense  that DNA sequences arewritten 5’ to 3’?

2. Where in the eukaryotic cell do the processes of replication,transcription, and translationtake place?

Reference no: EM13528947

Raw potato slice and hydrogen peroxide

I need to know what products would result from adding HCl to a raw potato slice and hydrogen peroxide. I also need to know the products from adding NaOH to a raw potato slic

What is required for photosynthesis

What is required for photosynthesis and what is the waste product of photosynthesis? Also, given what you know about photosystems and how plants use visible light in photosy

Identify articulation site that allows us to rotate our head

1) Identify the articulation site that allows us to nod our head "yes". choice (A) or (B) (A) Occipital bone - axis (B) Occipital bone - atlas Identify the articulation site

Propose two ways the photosynthesis process be improved

Propose two ways the photosynthesis process be improved. If the sequence TCGTA was used as a template in DNA replication, what will the sequence of bases be on the newly synth

How differences between the hiv epidemics in sub-saharan

The results of any study must be interpreted cautiously so that causal inference is not extended to a population different from the study participants in important ways.

Role of nucleotide hydrolysis in polymer dynamics

Please assess the validity of the statement that prokaryotes do not have a cytoskeleton. If they do not have a cytoskeleton, then just simply state that. If they do have a c

How much pbs do you need to add to the combined tubes

You have three tubes containing solutions of the protein human chorionic gonadotrophin (HcG) in PBS. All three contain 2 ml. Tube A is at a concentration of 28 mg/ml. Tube B

What is the ploidy of the spores

What is the ploidy of structures in Hornwort (Antherocerophyta) sporophytes? Are they all diploid? Specifically, what is the ploidy of the spores and the plodiy of cells in


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