Symbiotic relationships between prokaryotes and eukaryotes

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For this assignment, you're going to use the internet to investigate some of the various types of well-known symbiotic relationships between prokaryotes and eukaryotes in the world today. For each of the five examples below, please write a paragraph that explains the relationship and how it works, making sure that you address each of the following four questions:

  1. What prokaryotic species might you find associated in a symbiotic relationship with this eukaryote? Does this prokaryote belong to Bacteria or Archaea?
  • For some examples, you might not be able to find one specific species. In these cases, provide the smallest group that you can. You should be able to narrow it down more than just "Bacteria" or "Archaea", however.
  1. How do these prokaryotes affect the eukaryote? What benefits do the prokaryotes receive?
  2. Is this a commensalistic, mutualistic or parasitic relationship? Explain.
  3. Is there any broader ecological, environmental, or economic impact to this relationship? In other words, what might happen to these species, to other surrounding species, and/or to human activity if this relationship no longer occurred?

Be sure to list the link(s) you used to find this information for each of your examples.

Examples: Green beans being grown in a farmer's field

Reference no: EM131430915

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