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This week we explored a case in the Philippines where traditional way of farming collide with incoming Western tourism. The issue at stake is whether the rice terrace can still survive the competition between two different cultural values along three world continuum:

individualism vs. collectivism

egalitarian vs. hierarchy

achievement vs. ascription

Please discuss the following:

1 [claim] what is one paired continuum that is relevant to explain the conflict in this case?

2 [definition] what is the definition of your chosen world view continuum?

3 [example] In which way do you think this world view continuum is reflected through the case?

4 [explanation] now that you've identified this world view difference as the source of the problem, how do you plan to communicate with both local villagers, government, incoming tourists, all stakeholders about this in order to establish a sustainable model for everyone involved?

Reference no: EM131151217

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