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A 2003 survey of recent college graduates in the United Kingdom found that although many had not found their first jobs, most were already planning "career breaks" and to keep up their hobbies and interests outside work.  As one report of the findings put it, "the next generation of workers is determined not to wind up on the hamster wheel of long hours with no play."  Part of the problem seems to be that many already see their friends "putting in more than 48 hours a week" at work.  Career experts reviewing the results concluded that many of these recent college grads "are not looking for high-pay, high-profile jobs anymore."  Instead they seem to be looking to "compartmentalize" their lives; to keep the number of hours they spend at work down, so that they can maintain their hobbies and outside interests. 
So, do you think these findings are as popular in the United States as they appear to be in the United Kingdom?  If so, if you were mentoring one of these people at work, what three specific bits of career advice would you give to him or her?

Reference no: EM13224582

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