Suppose unemployed people leave a state to obtain jobs

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Suppose unemployed people leave a state to obtain jobs in other states. What do you predict will happen to the unemployment rate in the state experiencing the out-migration? What might happen to the unemployment rates in the states experiencing in-migration?

Reference no: EM13888996

Consider the market for chocolate

Consider the market for chocolate. Say that bad weather has hurt cocoa bean crops. At the same time, people are wanted to eat more chocolate. Which event affects demand, and

Projected economic gains from free trade

"The theory of comparative advantage (and the associated projected economic gains from free trade) is a well-known economic theory, but what happens in the real world is close

Percentage change in total revenue after tariff increases

The price elasticity of demand for imported mineral water is estimated to be ?0.20 over a wide interval of prices. The federal government decides to raise the import tariff on

How does restraint of trade apply to np practice limitations

The Federal Trade Commission has weighed in on several state battles over scope of practice, arguing that physician groups have no valid reason for blocking such laws other th

Experienced customer service representatives

Your employees are skilled and experienced customer service representatives who perform nonroutine tasks, such as solving customers problems or meeting special needs with the

Wages and prices are completely and immediately flexible

Assume that all wages and prices are completely and immediately flexible. If the growth rate of the money supply is 8%, the growth rate of the velocity of money is 4% and infl

Frequent large price changes as are markets

The market for autographs including letters o other documents signed by famous people is subject to frequent large price changes as are markets for most collectables.

Find the subgame perfect nash equilibrium in this game

Consider a duopoly with differentiated goods in which firms choose prices sequentially. Suppose firm 1 chooses its price p1 first. Then, having observed p1, firm 2 chooses its


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