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Suppose a consumer's level of satisfaction is given by AB2 and he/she has a total of $10 to spend on goods A and B. If the price of A is $1 and the price of B is $2, and assuming you can only purchase whole units (not fractional) of A and B, how many units of A and B should he/she purchase?

Reference no: EM13839429

Such a contract cost the insurance company

Suppose Jane has a one third chance of becoming disabled in any given year. If she does become disabled, she will earn $0. If Jane does not become disabled, she will earn her

How is it different from coupon rate or yield to maturity

What is the rate of return of any security? How is it different from the coupon rate or yield to maturity? Briefly describe the four types of credit market instruments. Provid

Upstream supplier firms or with downstream customer firms

The presence or even the threat of prize freezes (i.e. price controls) may induce firms to integrate vertically (to merge with “upstream” supplier firms or with “downstream” c

Cash flow in actual dollars and cash flow with inflation

Purchasing a Milling machine will cost $95,000. Installing the machine cost $15,000. Installiation and milling machine cost go together. Special tools that need purchasing cos

Obtain long term income to finance ongoing projects

An engineering company in Virginia that owns 250 acres of valuable land has decided to lease the mineral rights to a mining company. The primary objective is to obtain long te

Home remodeling business

Suppose that the production function for Hannah and Sam’s home remodeling business is Q = F(L, K) = 10L0.2K0.3. If the wage rate is $1,500 per week and the cost of renting a u

At what level of output would the firm produce

Use the information in the table to calculate total revenue, marginal revenue, and marginal cost. Indicate the profit-maximizing level of output. If the price was $3 and fix

Price level is flexible both upward and downward

What effects would each of the following have on aggregate demand or aggregate supply, other things equal? In each case use a diagram to show the expected effects on the equil


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