Supply curve of a perfectly competitive firm

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1. If an industry is perfectly competitive, then a single producer is a price taker? Why? Explain with examples.

2. What is the supply curve of a perfectly competitive firm? Is it different from that of the market supply curve? Explain.

3. If a firm makes a loss in the short run, then it would shut down? If no, discuss. If yes, discuss. Offer examples

Reference no: EM131406888

Write an openmp program for computing the product

Download sample matrices from the Matrix Market ( and test the performance of your implementation as a function of matrix size and number

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Using Microsoft Project or other similar software create a GANTT chart for a hypothetical project that involves at least 7 tasks, and two milestones. In your posting, inclu

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Business Plans are important for all businesses; but why might they be even more critical for the small business -- especially new small businesses? What are the key compon

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Your boss is looking for a way to add storage she can take with her on business trips, but that doesn't require cloud services because she sometimes travels to countries whe

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Design and draw a form (you choose the size, but be sensible) that lists possible potatoes and toppings in a manner that is easy for counter servers and kitchen crew to scan

There exists finite set of coin types-coin-changing problem

Show that if an ≠ 1, then there exists a finite set of coin types and a C for which there is no solution to the coin-changing problem. Show that there is always a solution wh

Rss feed for research

Plagiarizing is serious. Not giving credit in our work where we find our information is considered stealing. Read about a journalist that lost his job for plagiarizing from

Distinguish between application and system software

Distinguish between application and system software. Differentiate between system development and program development. Explain security, privacy and ethical issues related to


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