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Using the AICP Code of ethics...what procedures would be used?

You are responsible for recommending contracts to the city council . Your immediate supervisor has asked you to prepare a recommendation for a large contract for an individual you know is a good friend of your supervisor. After reviewing the contract, you conclude that the contract amount is not commensurate with the scope of work provided. You believe the contract is a waste of taxpayers dollars if it were to be granted. What might you do if your supervisor pressures you for a favorable recommendation?

Reference no: EM131375013

Reduce future liability and problems of the new business

John is the sole proprietor of a business that designs web pages. He leases an office and buys computer equipment. He has an idea or a new software product, however, on which

About strategic HRM

When HR is a true strategic partner, this means that alignment is strong and linkage is strong. When HR programs are not appropriate to the needs of the organization and there

Experienced cultural incompetence in delivery of health care

Describe a time when you witnessed or experienced cultural incompetence in the delivery of health care. Knowing what you now know, discuss what you think could have been done

Explain differentiation strategies are emphasized in text

Review four components that make up legal astuteness also rank order four components in order of most valuable to managers in today's business climate.

What does case study company do to ensure ethical compliance

Does a company have a duty to go beyond legal requirements and conform to the ethical norms of the societies in which it operates? What is the case for why business strategi

Did key bank do the right thing in firing jim nicholson

On July 28, 2009, a man walked up to the counter of a branch of Key Bank in Seattle, pushed a black bag across the counter, and ordered the teller to hand over money. Nicholso

Organization and employee development human resources

Once the training analysis is completed, the organization and employee development human resources specialist uses adult learning theories to turn the training needs into tr

Some intrapreneurs make discoveries that earn millions

Some intrapreneurs make discoveries that earn millions or even billions of dollars of product sales for the companies they work for, but because this was not provided for in t


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