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1. Why do you think U.S. residents would not want to work in the field in the first place? Do you think that it is possibly true that farmers cannot find Americans to do the job, or could there be another reason? Explain. What problems do you think could come up by allowing immigrants to come legally to the U.S. for a period of 10 months under the supervision of their employee?

Reference no: EM132184426

Decline in marginal costs for one member of a cartel

Suppose there is a decline in marginal costs for one member of a cartel. What impact will this have on the incentive of that firm to cheat on the cartel agreement? Explain.

What is the rate of job separation

Suppose that there is a fixed number of workers. Each worker is at a certain instance either employed or unemployed. The average duration of a period of unemployment is Du=10

Describe what is meant by demographic groups

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Assume that initially actual and natural real gdp

The purpose of this problem is to study the sacrifice ratio. Assume that initially actual and natural real GDP both equal 11,000 and that the rate of inflation is 3.5 percent

Stockholder theory of neglecting the interests of employees

Concerning the Purpose of the Corporation, recall that Ed Freeman’s stakeholder theory accused Milton Friedman’s stockholder theory of neglecting the interests of employees, v

Find the stackelberg equilibrium outputs-price and profits

Consider a homogeneoous-good Cournot oligopoly with 2 identical firms with C(q) = 0 and P(Q) = e-Q; for Q >0: Find the Stackelberg equilibrium outputs, price and profits (with

Under which the fiscal policy multiplier is equal to zero

Discuss the circumstances under which the monetary policy multiplier is equal to zero. Explain why this can happen and how likely you think this is. Discuss the circumstances

Elucidate the reasons for your speculations

Make a prediction regarding opportunities and challenges that an increase in diversity may present in the United States in the next 50 years. Elucidate the reasons for your


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