Summary of the major issues facing the client
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Case study: Diagnosis and Treatment Recommendations

This assignment is designed to help you synthesize the course material and apply the material in creating an assessment, and generating a diagnosis, as well as treatment recommendations.   

Read the case study provided and write a clinical report which includes:

  1. A summary of the major issues facing the client needing to be addressed.
  2. A working diagnosis for the client (with diagnostic summary and rationale) utilizing the following information from the CAGE screening tool and case history information.              
  3. A Mental Status Exam which applies the information from the case history.    
  4. Detailed treatment recommendations determining which modality (family, individual, group, or couples) is most appropriate for this client.  Be sure to provide the rational for your choice by integrating information from the case summary.
  5. Recommendations on whether individual is a good candidate for treatment placement (inpatient, residential, or outpatient) and an analysis of the pros and cons for your selection based on a summary of the issues.

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