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Read the Gospel of Mark as if reading a story. Pay attention to the characters, the plot, and the ways the author makes his points. After you've read it, please respond to the following questions...

1. Provide a broad summary of the gospel's main plot... in other words, what is the basic story it is telling? Do not write more than four sentences for this... I just want you to see if you can figure out what the key story is here.

2. Almost every story has heroes and villains... who seem to be the good guys and who seem to be the bad guys in this story?

3. Consider the narrator of the gospel. Tell me 2 interesting things about the narrator. For example, you might say that the narrator loves to repeat a particular phrase, or that the narrator seems to like certain characters and not others.

4. What is the turning point in the gospel? In other words, when does the story seem to shift decisively? As long as you make a decent case for your choice, I won't take off points... so don't feel like you need to scour the internet for the "right" answer here.

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Reference no: EM13843094

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