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Visit the homepage of WalMart (Links to an external site.). Access the most recent annual report.Find the footnotes to the statements and read the disclosures in the note titled " Summary of significant accounting policies." Describe what types of receivables are included in Wal-Mart receivables on balance sheet based on summary provided in annual report.

Please include annual report and reference page number in your submission (you can provide a link to report)

Reference no: EM131093554

Auditors process of understanding internal control

There are four steps in the auditor's process of understanding internal control and assessing control risk for a public company. The first step is to obtain and document an

Question regarding the foreign subsidiary accounts

Which of the following foreign subsidiary accounts will have the same value on consolidated financials regardless of whether the statements are remeasured or translated?

How has hershey foods dealt with this problem

a. What major problem might arise with intercompany debt between a domestic parent and foreign subsidiary or between subsidiaries in different countries? How has Hershey

Year end retained earnings balance

Also, during the current year, the company earned net income of $12,000 and declared cash dividends of $5,000. Compute the year end retained earnings balance

Show the division on net income

The partnership agreement calls for a 15% interest on their capital accounts and the remaining sum to be shared equally. Net income for the year is $30,000. Show the divisio

Annual straight-line depreciation

Dec. 31 Due to new information obtained earlier in the year, the truck's estimated useful life was changed from five to four years, and the estimated salvage value was incre

Discuss the rules for revenue recognition in accounting

Briefly discuss the rules for revenue recognition in accounting and how they pertain to this case. Does the proposed handling of the $12 million violate those rules? Be spec

What you understand by the accounting term loan notes

Explain what you understand by the accounting term 'loan notes' and indicate the circumstances under which a loan note issue would or would not be an appropriate form of fin


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