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Need an article peer review talking about this test (dynamic Gait Index).

Discussion Post- Integrating professional literature with regards to reliability, validity and level of statistical significance as it pertains to clinical tests and measurements (Couse Objective number 1)

Standardized instruments for measuring patients' activity limitations and participation restrictions are routinely used by physical therapists and physical therapists assistants in most clinical settings. Through the use of these instruments, PTs and PTAs are able to constantly assess and monitor changes in patients' status. In addition, standardized tests and outcome measures provide supporting evidence for patients' need of physical therapy services to members of the interprofessional team and payer sources.

For this assignment:

1) RESEARCH: A specific standardized instrument will be assigned to two students. Each student is responsible to review a research article published in a peer-review publication in the past 5 years and provide a detailed summary of the findings of the article pertaining to the reliability, validity and the statistical significance of the assigned instrument. Each student MUST review a different article.

2) BLACKBOARD:  The assignment must be written on a Word document, submitted via Blackboard and posted under the instrument's specific thread on the discussion post. In addition, students are required to use Safe-assign to ensure originality of the document. In addition, each group member is expected to make one relevant contributions to two of your classmates.


6-Minute Walk Test (6MWT): Nandy, Jose

10-Meter Walk Test: Alberto, Amberly

Timed "Up and Go" (TUG): Dominique, Brandon

Berg Balance Scale (BERG): Ybelises, Lisandra

Tinetti Mobility Scale: Elizabeth, Carlos

Neck Disability Index : Daniel, Arletta

Oswestry Low Back Pain Disability Questionnaire: Jessica, Alejandro

Dynamic Gait Index : Aimara, Yeni

Functional Reach Test: Gisselle, Yury

Reference no: EM131368519

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