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Opening case presentation

Case studies are widely used to relate concepts, models, and issues. However, learners usually have difficulty to discover the underlying patterns and thus are unable to relate to concepts and models. But when we interpret what happened in the case, we quickly jump out of the case details and enter into the symbolic / semantic / meaning relation of the case rather than the raw details of the case.

This symbolic or semantic or meaning relation can be interpreted again. By doing so, we transform the data into knowledge: i.e., concepts or model.

So, basically the process of transforming data into knowledge is not that difficult: doing two layers of interpretations. The difficult part is to find out a different case that has the same two layers of interpretations. So the test of case analysis is to find out a different past case that has the same two layers of interpretations.

Once we find out adifferent past case with identical interpretations, we can use that case as the precedent for our business intelligence or vision. Through the corresponding of the concepts and models, we can use "future perfect tense" to plan and audit the solution of the case in a timely and detailed network order that is very similar to the building of a skyscraperusing architectural design and multi-process construction teams.

Therefore, our second group project will be presenting opening cases of each chapter starting from Chapter 4. That is opening cases of

Chapter 9: Getting Your Project on Track

Instructions for presentation

1. Each group should select a separate chapter. That is, no two groups will be allowed to present the same chapter.

2. There should be at least three slides for the summary of the case and / or issues involved. At the end of the presentation, there should be at least two slides to discuss the group's overall learnings on the case they present.

3. Each member of a group should relate a concept or a model from the textbook to the case and then illustrate the usage of the concept or model in a general setting. This concept should be the center of his / her presentation. I hope that at the end of the presentation audience will not only understand the concept but also know how to use it in a similar future situation.

4. To be more flexible, presenter can associate any other past experiences or readings that can be interpreted to have the same pattern. This will help us to see the wide applicability of formal concept or model. If you do not know if an example you are trying to relate the case your group is presenting, you can discuss it with me.

5. To make presentation clear, the presentation of each member in a group should have at least 3 slides but no more than 6 slides taking at least 3 minutes but no more than 6 minutes to illustrate the concept they are relating to the case.

6. At the end of each presenter's presentation, s/he should summarize the phenomenon in the case, the concept in the text, and the related experiences or readings so that we as the audience have a chance to relate it again.

Attachment:- Chapter+9.pdf

Reference no: EM13855551

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