Summarizing the conversation in role of big pharma
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Write a brief 100-word journal entry summarizing the conversation in "The Role of Big Pharma" discussion forum. Offer and reflect on any conclusions that the class came to regarding the discussion forum topic.

What were the conclusions, and what are your thoughts regarding these? If you do not see that the class came to any significant conclusions, what kept conclusions from being drawn in the discussion?

What lingering questions remain to be answered, and how might they be answered? What other issues regarding this controversy need to be considered?


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Critics of the industry gave the pharmaceutical industry a nickname as Big Pharma. The reason behind this is..

• They try to suck money from the pockets of needy, sick, dying and injured patients.
• They discover and invent new maladies (types of diseases) to increase the sales of the drugs.
• Old maladies are renamed by them making people think that their condition is serious and this will initiate to buy their products.

Currently the pharma industry is focusing only upon the profit and revenue generation part. With more and more individuals being diagnosed every year with psychiatric illnesses, pharmaceutical companies have realized hundreds of millions of dollars in profits; they have gladly shared with the American Psychiatric Association and many of its members (Washington, 2012). Currently pharmaceutical companies are supporting around one fifth pf the APA funding which is quite high.

A research was conducted for an article on the connection between the numbers of adults receiving federal disability payments for mental illness and released in Prozac (an SSRI) during 1987. It was discovered that the number of adults on federal disability due to mental illness jumped over three-fold from 1987 to 2007.

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