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Source #1: Carlbring, P., Westling, B. E., Ljungstrand, P., Ekselius, L., & Andersson, G. (2001). Treatment of panic disorder via the

Internet: A randomized trial of a self-help program. Behavior Therapy, 32(4), 751-764.

Objective: The objective of this study was to assess the effectiveness of Internet-delivered self-help program in the treatment of panic disorder. The study entailed having different therapists interacting with patients via their e-mails. The study was contacted to a total of 500 persons and the study data was collected by the use of a self-administered diagnostic tool. The study employed the use of the Composite International Diagnostic Interview in a shorted. Out of all the participants, only 41 of the 500 fulfilled the inclusion criteria.

Treatment: The study participants were exposed to either treatment through the Internet or to a waiting-list control. The key elements of the treatment that the patients were exposed to included cognitive restructuring, in vivo exposure, psychoeducation, interocetive exposure, breathing retaining, and relapse prevention.

Results: The results of this form of treatment to the patients showed that there was a significant improvement of the patients in all dimensions. From the results, the study seems to provide an evidence for the continued application as well as the development of different self-help programs that are aimed at dealing with panic disorder distributed through the Internet.

Source #2: Woodman, C. L., & Noyes, R. (1994). Panic disorder: treatment with valproate. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry

Objective: the main objective of the research was to look at the effectiveness of using valproate in the treatment of panic disorder.
To meet the objective of the study, valproate was administered in a six-week open clinical trial to twelve patients who were ages between eighteen and sixty-five years. The patients who were involved in the study had previously been diagnosed with panic disorder.

Treatment: Treating the patients who were used in this research started at 500 mg on a daily basis with the dosage administered being increased to the patients based on the clinical response as well as on the side effects of valproate. During the treatment, the clinicians completed a Clinical Global Impressions Scale on a weekly basis as well as involving themselves in filling a Hamilton Rating Scale for anxiety on a weekly basis. A panic attack diary was completed on a weekly basis as well as making a brief inventory of the patients symptoms.

Results: The results of the research registered an improvement in the number of the condition as the involved subjects showed fewer symptoms linked to the disorder after being exposed to valproate.

Source #3: Barlow, D. H., Craske, M. G., Cerny, J. A., & Klosko, J. S. (1989). Behavioral treatment of panic disorder, Behavior Therapy, 20(2), 261-282

Objective: The objective of this research is to present a report of the results of a long-term clinical outcome study testing variations of the behavioral treatments for panic disorder without avoiding agoraphobic.

Method: During the study, the researchers looked at the patients' exposure to somatic cues that was combined with cognitive therapy and a comparison was made to relaxation therapy that was purposely designed for panic disorder treatment. Additionally, all the treatments were combined ad tested to know their effectiveness to the patients.

Results: On being exposed to the treatments, a total of 85% of the patients were found to be panic free after being exposed to the treatment. Additionally, being exposed to relaxation was found to bring about a reduction in the level of anxiety to patients that led to a reduction in the panic attacks to those who were involved. The results of the study show that the application of behavioral treatment is always effective in the treatment of panic disorder.

Reference no: EM131313424

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