Summarize the conclusions and address the limitations

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Question: For this assignment, you will be expected to build on the annotated bibliography that you constructed last week. There will be four entries related to your topic. Use the feedback in the discussion area and from your professor to make adjustments and find additional materials. This will be a 1-2 page mini-literature review, which synthesizes the information from your four studies.

1. Paragraph 1 should introduce your research question and why you selected it. It should contain a thesis statement, which previews the information in the rest of the literature review.

2. The middle paragraph(s) should be organized by theme and not by study. If all your studies are on the exact same thing, then you will most likely have one paragraph. The stronger the connections between your sources, the less paragraphs you may have. In other words, do not present the first article, then the second, then the third. Synthesize the material.

3. In your concluding paragraph, summarize the conclusions and address the limitations. You may need to discuss study design, sample size, and contradictions. If there are contradictions, hypothesize why they exist. State your thoughts on any future studies that may help answer your question.

Save this review as a MS Word document. You will need an APA title page followed by your annotated bibliography (APA formatted) and then your literature review (written in accordance with APA). The literature review should have in-text citations from all sources so that it is clear which information came from which of your four sources.

Reference no: EM132184708

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