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1. Leona purchased two bottles of wine from vineyards in Australia. When asked her opinion of the wine, she said the burgundy wine tasted like alcoholic grape juice, but the Chablis had a crisp taste that she really enjoyed. These statements were made during the ________ stage of the purchase decision.

    a. information search

    b. alternative evaluation

    c. postpurchase behavior

    d. purchase decision

    e. situational analysis

2. ________, the most affluent U.S. demographic subculture, now have more than $450 billion in annual spending power.

    a. African Americans

    b. Gen Xers

    c. Hispanics

    d. Gays and lesbians

    e. Asian Americans

3. A ________ is a need that is sufficiently pressing to direct a person to seek satisfaction.

    a. culture

    b. perception

    c. motive

    d. tradition

    e. stimulus

4. People tend to interpret new information in a way that will support what they already believe. This is called ________.

    a. selective distortion

    b. selective perception

    c. selective attitude

    d. selective retention

    e. selective learning

Reference no: EM131375063

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