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Substantial Performance. The Caplans own a real estate lot, and they contract with Faithful Construction, Inc., to build a house on it for $360,000. The speci?cations list “all plumbing bowls and ?xtures . . . to be Crane brand.” The Caplans leave on vacation and during their absence Faithful is unable to buy and install Crane plumbing ?x-tures. Instead, Faithful installs Kohler brand ?xtures, an equivalent in the industry. On completion of the building contract, the Caplans inspect the work, discover the substitution, and refuse to accept the house, claiming Faithful has breached the conditions set forth in the speci?cations. Discuss fully the Caplans’ claim.

Reference no: EM13819396

Calculate current capacity of the entire process

If you could increase the capacity of only two operations through process improvement efforts, which two operations would you select, how much additional capacity would you st

Employment relations

Brad began working at Lay-Z-Guy in 1981 as a customer service manager. In 1995 his employer started requiring him and other salespeople to sign a series of one-year agreements

Compute the forecast for the week of october

Use a 3-week weighted moving average, with weights of .1, .3, and .6, using .6 for the most recent week. Forecast demand for the week of October 12. Compute the forecast for

Compete with increasing number of budget airlines

Established airlines are cutting costs to compete with the increasing number of budget airlines. Yet, it is unlikely that they will ever match the costs of Southwest, Ryanair,

Estimate cost associated with mitigating the identified risk

Risk assessment is a major part of Project Management. All Health hospital plans to develop a paperless system over a one year period. In your risk analysis estimate the cost

Describe how an organization should use each criterion

Identify and describe three criteria that should be used to evaluate the selection of a database management system. Describe how an organization should use each criterion to

Using the current process and tie

Barney’s Boston Bagel‘n Bun Bakery is looking into a new type of bag tie (Tie N) that will better seal, and more importantly, better reseal the company’s bagels after they hav

Matt and grace should do before they talk with consultant

Matt and Grace own a small supermarket in a rural town with a large and growing elderly population. Because of their remote location, they don't have any competition from the


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