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Thesis: Bacterial Meningitis

8-10 References and Outline

Develop a reference list and outline. By the end of the fifth week of the course (see Course Schedule for due date), you will be required to submit a list of references and an outline for your pamphlet in the Conferences. The outline should go beyond the list of required elements to sketch out some of the facts you have learned about the disease - for example, it might include a bullet list of the symptoms. The reference list and outline should demonstrate that you have conducted at least preliminary research into the topic and that you have a grasp of the facts related to the disease. Note that the reference list and outline that you present in week five could still be subject to change as you complete the research and writing of your final paper.

Format of the pamhlet

• Single-spaced
• Tri-fold
• All content written in your own words.
• No quotations, no plagiarism (copy/paste) allowed.
• Reference citations included in APA format (not part of the tri-fold; should be provided on a separate page)
• List of References
• Pamphlet Outline.

Reference no: EM131136494

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