Study analyst observes a worker over a period of time

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A time study analyst observes a worker over a period of time and calculates that the worker required 20.0 minutes per unit produced. The worker was rated at a 115 percent performance rating, and a 10 percent allowance for personal time and fatigue applies. What is the standard time for this task?

If a worker managed to produce 26 units in an eight-hour day, what would their day’s pay be if the basic rate was $16 per hour and the premium payment system paid on a 100 percent basis?

Reference no: EM13786313

Design for manufacturability and assembly

Many manufacturing companies have applied the concept of DFMA (Design For Manufacturability and Assembly) to improve the design of their products. Select any product that you

Diversity of a group affect its performance

What are group norms, and what role do they play in behaviour and cohesiveness of the group? How does the diversity of a group affect its performance?

About whether complexity is waste

Share your thoughts about whether “complexity” is a waste or not? Explain your logic for your answer. Also explain how can you deal with complexity within and outside your org

Production schedule-cycles repeatedly through the four scent

Todd’s Organic Soap Company makes four kinds of organic liquid soap- “regular”, “lavender”, “citrus” and “tea tree”. Demand for the four scents is 140, 110, 75 and 50 kgs per

Determine wal-marts economic order quantity

The demand for spring water at the SLC Wal-Mart is 500 liters per week. The setup cost for placing an order to replenish inventory is $20. The order is delivered by the suppli

Value added and which are non-value added

In a smartphone of your choice (Pick either Android or iPhone), state the features that you think are value added and which are non-value added and CLEARLY explain your logic

Information systems help management implement this strategy

Play Around Toys Inc. operates stores in different regions of the country. The senior management of Play Around Toys Inc. has decided to tailor the merchandise selection for e

Examples of substantive culture changing actions

How does leadership change corporate culture? Give two examples of “symbolic” culture-changing actions and two examples of “substantive” culture changing actions.


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