Strengths and weaknesses of the rbs brand

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1. Situational Overview: What are the strengths and weaknesses of the RBS brand?

2. Past Promotional Events: Analyze the effectiveness of past RBS consumer and trade promotions. How have the promotional strategies impacted sales volume? What kind of return on investment is the company getting for consumer promotions and trade promotions?

3. Push vs. Pull: Compare the relative merits of a push vs. a pull strategy for the marketing a low-involvement, low-price grocery item in a mature market setting.

4. Recommendation: What is your recommendation for how Regnante can achieve her 2008 target profit? What if any changes should be made to trade and consumer promotions to make them more effective?

5. Pro Forma Income Statement: Develop a pro forma income statement based on your recommendation. Address the long-term strategic implications for your decision.

Ensure the pro forma income statement is complete and correct. Ensure you clearly identify the relevant long-term implications of your decision.

Reference no: EM13747699

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