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1.  Healthcare marketing has been most successful in organizations that have adopted a _____ orientation. 

2.  The consumer movement in healthcare has been driven by a number of factors, including _____. 
the growth of the baby boom cohort as the dominant healthcare consumer group
the growth of managed care
limited competition among healthcare organizations
the homogenization of the population in terms of demographics, lifestyles, and health behavior

3.  In the _____ stage of the healthcare consumer decision making process, the healthcare consumer begins to understand how the product/service addresses their health problem. 
problem recognition
initial awareness
knowledge awareness
alternative evaluation

4.  The most common method of defining a healthcare market is based on _____.
Thomas, Chapter 5, p. 125 
consumer demand
health status
payer mix

5.  A ______ strategy emphasizes psychological differences over physical differences between products. 
brand image

6.  The growth of urgent care centers and freestanding diagnostic and surgery centers can be attributed in part to 
emerging consumerism.
employer and business coalitions pushing for convenience.
increasing competition.
All of the above are correct.

7.  In an effort to serve a segment of the population facing mobility issues, Southwest Health Center has developed a mobile health unit that is able to provide health screenings at a number of community sites. This represents a decision related to which element of the marketing mix? 
Product strategy
Distribution strategy
Pricing strategy
Promotional strategy

8.  Using ______ marketing, healthcare marketers collect, store, analyze, and use information about customers and their past purchase behaviors to guide future marketing decisions. 

9.  The Marketing Director of Mercy Hospital is considering a promotional technique that provides multiple exposures to a precise audience with customized messages. The best option would be 
public relations.
personal sales.
direct marketing.

10.  The Marketing Director of Mercy Hospital is exploring a variety of media choices for an upcoming advertising campaign. Using _____, the marketer is able to attain frequent exposure at a low unit cost, yet it has a short shelf life. 
television advertising
radio advertising
newspaper advertising
Internet advertising
1.  _______ data are those that are owned by someone else, typically free or inexpensive, that have potentially unknown quality. 

2.  A number of demographic factors have been shown to impact healthcare utilization. For example, _____ are more aware of available health services and are quicker to turn to health professionals when symptoms arise. 
the elderly

3.  South Baptist Healthcare Center is monitoring the increase in use of social media among the population. This trend is part of the _____ component of the external environment analysis. 

4.  Data collected through the external audit include such things as _____. 
consumer characteristics
profitability by service
referral sources
existing marketing initiatives

5. In order to answer the research question regarding the level of interest in community wellness center, Northeast Hospital mails a questionnaire to a random sample of the market population. This primary data collection method is known as a(n) ______. 
personal interview
focus group

6. Advantages of a ______ survey is that it captures information while still fresh in the respondent's mind and can be used to collect data from every patient instead of using a sample. 

7.  The _____ plan asks the following questions: Where are we now? Where would we like to be in the future? How do we get there? 

8.  In the ______ stage of the marketing planning process, healthcare marketers determine what the marketing program will be designed to accomplish. 
environmental analysis
goal and objective development
strategy development

9.  As part of the marketing audit, a healthcare marketer may collect information related to 
current services or products.
referral relationships.
customer characteristics.
All of the above

10.  Using the _____ budgeting method, the healthcare marketer would utilize sales figures from the previous year to develop projections for the current year's budget. 
competitive parity
percentage of sales
objective and task
all you can afford

Reference no: EM13198109

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