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Strategic Planning and Implementation - Oman Air

1. Choose an organisation for which there is a large amount of information available about both the industry and the firm. Small private companies can be used but are not usually a good idea. You may not choose companies which feature in the large case studies in the Johnson & Scholes and Grant textbooks, or companies used for in-class teaching. Please confirm your choice of company with your
tutor before proceeding. Collecting information can be done in groups.

2. Group preparation - This task is your research and this part is not graded. However without the research you will not be able to successfully complete the individual task. Based on the information collected, you will be asked to construct strategic tools that will lead to the analysis performed in your individual report.

3. The Individual Report. This is the only graded submission.

  • Provide an analysis of the business environment of the firm. You should consider the main competitors and their competitive position; market details (value; share etc.); current trends in the market; future trends in the market (attractiveness of the industry).
  • Provide an internal analysis of the firm giving details of its current strategic position and tactics. You should also consider the resources and capabilities of the firm and how they impact upon the success or otherwise of the firm (distinctiveness of the firm).
  • Identify and evaluate possible strategies at the corporate and at the business level based on the previous analysis.
  • Recommend the route forward. Provide an explanation of the scenario chosen and critical analysis of the implications.

Reference no: EM131056271

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