Strategic actions and leadership roles

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Strategic Actions and Leadership Roles

Leaders adapt their leadership style in accordance to the challenges they face. Research a recent business situation that required a strong leader and describe the situation. Then determine how the leader should adapt their style to fit the particular situation.

For example, Sam Zell recently purchased the Tribune Company. Among the assets in the deal, was the Chicago Cubs baseball franchise. The announcement that he intends to sell naming rights to Wrigley field caused a stir among Cubs fans. If he chooses to sell the naming rights to the field, and still wants to keep fans happy, he will need to adapt his style. He will need to become a transformational leader in order for the followers (a.k.a. fans) to adapt to the notion of the Cubs playing at a field named something other than Wrigley. He will need to find a way to make fans emphasize with him instead of viewing him as a bully.

For your response post, choose another style that could work in the situation presented another student. Describe what the leader would need to do to adapt that style.

Reference no: EM131272597

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