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A steam turbine is operating at a steady state with a mass flow rate of 3682 kg/h at the inlet. The power output of the turbine is 8700 kW. Steam enters the turbine at a pressure of 40 bar, temperature of 320 oC, and with a velocity of 13 m/s. The exit conditions from the turbine are characterized by a pressure of 0.1 bar and the quality 90% with the velocity of 27 m/s. Determine the heat transfer rate between the turbine and surroundings, in kW.

Reference no: EM13708928

Calculate the potential emissions of toluene

A stream of gas flowing at 15,000 scfm contains 20 ppm of toluene. Assuming the process operates 8500 hours per year, calculate the potential emissions of toluene, tons/year.

Calculate the reynolds number of the flow

Carbon dioxide with a specific weight of 0.114 lb/ ft3 and a dynamic viscosity of 3.34 x 10-7 lb-s/ ft2 flows in the shaded portion of the duct shown in Fig. 9.17. If the volu

Determine the fin heat transfer rate

A 40-mm-long, 2-mm-diameter pin fin is fabricated of an aluminum alloy (k = 140 W/m · K). (a) Determine the fin heat transfer rate for Tb = 50°C, Too = 25°C, h = 1000 W/m2 · K

Calculate the net heat flow and the overall change

The piston is then move in,and heat is rejected bt the air reversibly at constant pressure until the volume is the same as it was initially.Calculate the net heat flow and t

Preliminary layout for the heat exchanger systems

Sketch a preliminary layout for the following heat exchanger systems. Large air forced cooling tower. Small vertically mounted shell and tube. Spiral heat exchanger in duty st

Determine the final gage pressure of the helium

A tank contains helium at 100 degrees C and 10 kPa gage. The helium is heated in a process by heat transfer from the surroundings such that the helium reaches a final equilibr

Draw the projections of rod showing curves of intersection

A connection of rod of 50 mm diameter has a rectangular block 50 mm wide and 25mm thick forged at its end. A turned radius of 25 mm joins the rod and the block. Draw the pro

Determine the minimum diameter d required

Two solid cylindrical rods (1) and (2) are joined together at flange B and loaded. If the normal stress in each rod must be limited to 110 MPa, determine the minimum diamete


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