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1. Which of the following statements least demonstrates strategic philanthropy?

a. A chemical company implements a vanpooling system to cut back on environmental pollution and also carefully designs its chemical processes to minimize environmental damage

b. A healthcare-based company works with other healthcare systems to make health insurance available to residents who cannot afford it.

c. A computer software company creates and funds technology-based learning centers nationwide to help underprivileged citizens learn about technology.

d. Employees at a telecommunications company are encouraged to serve food at a food kitchen in order to help the homeless and does not even advertise the fact.

e. A talk show geared toward mothers supports a children's foundation to enhance the social and cultural development of disadvantaged children.

2. In the data analysis step of the social audit, the audit committee should do all of the following except.

a. draw some conclusions about the information obtained in the previous stages.

b. weigh the findings against standards identified earlier, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

c. examine how other organizations in the industry are performing in a particular area.

d. convert all information collected into a quantitative format that can be used for easy review and comparison.

e. compare the company's internal perceptions to those discovered during the stakeholder assessment stage.

3. Which of the following best describes the social auditing process?

a. A company should choose the standard social auditing process used by other companies in its industry.

b. A company should conduct a social audit every year at the end of its fiscal year to match its financial audit cycle.

c. A company should begin with a very formalized, comprehensive social audit.

d. A social audit should be unique to each company based on its size, industry, commitment of top managers, and other factors.

e. A company should abide by the federal guidelines for conducting social audits in order to comply with the law.

4. When conducting a social audit, a company should avoid doing all of the following except

a. forgetting to focus on the benefits and the business case for social responsibility.

b. starting the audit without talking to someone who has performed one and reading other similar audits.

c. allowing one stakeholder's issues to outweigh the others.

d. including only the good and not the bad aspects of the firm's performance.

e. publicizing the role of the audit team and its purpose.

5. Which area of law refers to a business's legal responsibility for the performance of its products?   

a. Lemon laws     b. Strict accountability     c. Product liability     d. Product misuse E. Warranties

Reference no: EM13843802

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