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Aging Free From Negative Stereotypes: Successful Memory in China and Among the American Deaf
1). state the research question(s) addressed by the experiment.
2). In a brief series of bulleted points, describe what is known (and what is not known) about the research question(s).
3). Give a clear and accurate statement of the research hypothesis/hypotheses.
4). Identify the independent variable(s) and describe how they are manipulated.
5). Identify the dependent variable(s) and describe how they are measured.
6). Identify the participants and describe how they were selected for the study.
7). Give a brief description of the procedure. 
8). In a brief bulleted list give a verbal description of the results. You should have NO numbers or statistics in your statements.
9). In a brief bulleted list explain what the results mean. Indicate any qualifications on interpreting the results, and identify any questions for future research that are raised by the study.

Reference no: EM13143130

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