State strong acid and strong base and weak acid strong base

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In a graph pH vs volume of NAOH(ml). Shows an equivalence point of 7.00. This graph is? 1.strong acid weak base? 2. Weak base and weak acid? 3. strong acid and strong base? 4 weak acid strong base

Reference no: EM13496095

How many moles of gas did the student collect

A student collects 22.4 mL of a gas by the process of water displacement at a temperature of 0 °C. If the barometric pressure is 764.6 torr and the vapor pressure of water a

Does heat always flow from a body with more internal energy

Heat always flows from a high-temperature body in contact with one with a low temperature. Does heat always flow from a body with more internal energy to one with less inter

Explain the preparation of diphenylacetylene

The solvent used in the preparation of diphenylacetylene (2) is triethylene glycol. A) Write the structure of triethylene glycol; circle and label each of the functional gro

Compute the amount of solution

Calculate the amount of solution (g or mL) that contains each of the following amounts of solute. Express the answer to two sig fiugres and include the appropriate units.

Calculate the de broglie wavelength (in ã) of the electron

A photoelectron produced by ionization in a photoelectron spectrometer is ejected with a velocity of 861 km s-1. Calculate the de Broglie wavelength (in Ã) of the electron.

Determine the structure of a and b

A ketone with a formula of C5H10O undergoes alkylation, but can give two isomeric products depending on the reaction conditions. Each of these potential products (A and B) h

State the enthalpy change when a strong acid is neutralized

The enthalpy change when a strong acid is neutralized by strong base is -56.1 kJ/mol. If 12.0 mL of 6.00 M HBr at 21.30°C is mixed with 300. mL of 0.250 M NaOH

Explain how the components of each buffered solution consume

Give four examples of systems that would behave as buffered solutions. For each of your choices indicate with chemical equations explain how the components of each buffered


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