State of indiana fssa before privatization

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1. In what ways is Jamie dimon's approach to management pretty much what you 'd expect of a top -level manager in the financial industry? In what ways is it difference what you ' expect

2. Under what the circumstances might Dimon need to change his approach to organizational control?

3. Explain how Dimon has practiced each of the following levels of control at JPmorgan chase Smiley: Angel financial b.structural c strategies. Then focus on operations control :what steps has dimon taken to excise each form of operations control _preliminary ,screening , and pastaction?

4. What aspects of Dimon's approach to control were important in steering JPmorgan Chase through the subprime crisis that crippled or topped other financial institutions ?

5. Under what circumstances might Dimon need to change his approach to organizational control .

6. What was the state of Indiana's FSSA before privatization? How have things improved or gotten worse for Hoosier clients of FSSA now that the IBM era of the agency has ended?

Reference no: EM13783428

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