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Data Files needed for this Case Problem: colleges.txt, highered.jpg, and uwlisttxt.htm

HigherEd Adella Coronel is a guidance counselor for Eagle High School in Waunakee, Wisconsin. She wants to take her interest in helping students choose colleges to the Web by starting a Web site called HigherEd. She's come to you for help in creating the site. The first page she wants to create is a simple directory of Wisconsin colleges and universities. She's created the list of schools, but has not yet marked the entries in the list as hypertext links.

Also, the list is very long, so she has broken it down into three categories: private colleges and universities, technical colleges, and public universities. Because of the length of the page, she wants to include hypertext links that allow students to jump down to a specific college category.

Complete the following:

1. In your text editor, open the uwlisttxt.htm file from the tutorial.02\case", folder included with your Data Files. Enter your name and the date in the comment section of the file. Save the file uwlist.htm in the same folder.

2 - Mark each of the school entries on the page a hypertext link. Use the URLs provided in the colleges.txt file. (Hint: Use the copy and paste feature of your text editor to efficiently copy and paste the URL text.)

3. Adel la wants the links to the school Web sites to appear in a new tab or window. Because there are so many links on the page, add a base element to the document header specifying that all links will open by default in a new browser window or tab named "coliegeWin."

4. Add the id names ""private,"" technical," and "public" to the three h2 headings that categorize the list of schools.

5. Create hyperlinks from the entries in the category list at the top of the page to the three Ilea/imp ,

6. For each of the hypertext links you marked in Step 5, set the link to open in the current browser window and not in a new browser window or tab.

7. Save your changes to the file.

8. Open uwlist.htm in your Web browser and verify that the school links all open in the same browser window or tab and that the links within the document to the dif¬ferent school categories bring the user to those locations on the page but not in a new window tab.

9. Submit your completed files to your instructor.


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The solution file prepared in notepad and modified the file uwlisttxt.htm as per client requirement. the following modification done it 1. Enter student name and date in comment section. 2. Created hypertext link for all school entries 3. Created links to the school web sites to appear in a new window 4. Added three id names public , technical and public 5. Created hyperlink for three ids

Reference no: EM13773862

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