Standard error of the proportion

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A local school district wants to survey parents about their attitudes toward the elimination of the marching band program as a way to save money. The school district sampled 120 parents and found 74 supported the plan to cut the band program.

A. Find the standard error of the proportion

B. Find the 95% confidence interval for the population of the proportion

Reference no: EM131099616

Fossil skeletons of an extinct species of bird

The length of the skulls of 10 fossil skeletons of an extinct species of bird has a mean of 5.68 cm and a standard deviation of 0.29 cm. Assuming that such measurements are

Relationship between gender and college major

Calculate and interpret the appropriate statistical test to determine the relationship between the following two variables. Use the five-step model of hypothesis testing to

Definition of complete groups of events

Definition of complete groups of events:A complete group of events is a group of incompatible events, such that at least one of them must occur as a result of an experiment.

Null hypothesis and the hypothesis one wants

Fancorp (a consulting firm) claims that "less than half of franchises are owned by husband-wife team." A simple random sample of 37 franchise owners shows that 12 are owned

Compare the effect of ph on the adhe­sive qualities

An experiment was performed to compare the effect  of  pH  on the  adhe­ sive qualities of a lens coating. The test procedure for measuring adhesion is "noisy", that is, the

Find enough evidence to reject manufacturer-s claim

A random sample of 43 light bulbs has a mean life of 677 hours with a standard deviation of 90 hours. Do you have enough evidence to reject the manufacturer's claim?

You just finished getting your data

You just finished getting your data, made sure there were no fliers and the data was correct You created a mean and standard deviation and ran your Z test at the 0.05 alpha Yo

A university medical center urology group

Refer to the Prostate cancer data set in Appendix C.5 and Case Study 16.49. Carr " one-way analysis of covariance of this data set, where the response of interest is PS out


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