Speeds of running mammals

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Big fish swim substantially faster than small fish and big birds fly faster than small ones. The speeds of running mammals, however, vary a lot less with body size, although big ones do go somewhat faster. Assume that the energetic cost of transport (cost per distance) varies with (body mass)0.68 and that maximum metabolic rate varies with (body mass)0.81.

1) How many times faster would you expect a 500 kilogram bear to be able to run relative to a 50 gram rodent? Show your work for the answer.

Reference no: EM131052205

Determine the osmolarity of resulting solution

A drug that does not dissociate has a molecular weight of 300.   If 300 g of this drug are dissolved in 1000 ml of water, determine the osmolarity of resulting solution?

Accounts for loss of energy

The rule of thumb concerning ecosystems as units that capture energy and transport it is as follows: For every jump in trophic level, the amount of available energy drops by

Use the equation for directly transmitted microparasites

Lagniapposis is caused by a microparasite, Lagniappea calcasieuensis, and is transmitted directly by coughing and sneezing. It is highly transmissible and very virulent. Inf

Malignant tumors remain localized and encapsulated

Some malignant tumors remain localized and encapsulated, at least for a time; an example is carcinoma in situ in the ovary or breast. Share your thoughts to explain this phe

Mount slide on the stage of the microscope

On the lab first view of wet mount, after placing this wet mount slide on the stage of the microscope, where should you position the specimen before looking through the ocul

Define cellular respiration

Cellular respiration is a vital process. Define cellular respiration, identify the specific steps and the major energy molecule produced. Post your answers in the appropri

Why does the muslim world lag in science

Why Does the Muslim World Lag in Science? Take time to reflect on what you have learned and write 1-2 paragraphs on how you personally bring science and religion together.

Effect of high amp levels on glycolysis and gluconeogenesis

Draw a diagram of the four complexes (complex I, II, III, IV) involved in oxidative phosphorylation, including the including details of how many protons are pumped by the tr


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