Specific example from the human digestive system model

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Organisms are able to efficiently use matter and energy through cooperative internal interactions. Using a specific example from the human digestive system model, explain how the hierarchy of organization is from cell, to tissue, to organ, to organ system.

Reference no: EM132280447

Balanced breakfast and lunch will support active

Over half of the body's glucose is metabolized in the brain. Very few of the alternate fuels are used in the brain, but are commonly used by other parts of the body. Muscles

Change and to adapt to changing conditions

Given that life continues to change and to adapt to changing conditions, how do you think natural selection will affect humans over a long period of time (if we survive)?

Where it is found in the world

Choose a species of animal which is threatened or endangered, either due to habitat loss or exploitation (or both), that interests you. Name of the animal (common and scienti

Describe the basic argument of opposing viewpoints

Describe the basic issue of your chosen topic. Describe the basic argument of opposing viewpoints. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of both views. Choose which view you a

What are the chances of the second child being blue-eyed

In snapdragons flower color is inherited via incomplete dominance. What would the expected colors be (in percentages) if a red snapdragon is crossed with a white snapdragon?

What happened, and what was the primary cause

Write a 700- to 1050-word paper on a recent disaster (e.g. Exxon Valdez oil spill, Hurricane Katrina) and address the following: •Give a brief overview of the impacted ecosyst

Why is the cocktail more effective than a single agent

AIDS is often treated with a "cocktail" of several antiviral agents at once. Why is the cocktail more effective than a single agent? What is a physician trying to prevent by

Raising downton wombats

Assume that you are increasing Downton wombats, carefully because they bite when teased. You notice that some of your wombats have white spots, whereas others have solid coats


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