Somatic sensation from thespinal cord

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If someone had an accident and damaged their brain stem, is itmore likely that their sense of touch(somatic sensation from thespinal cord) would be damaged or is it more likely that their sense oftaste would be damanaged. Need full explanation of answer

Reference no: EM13528300

Galactosemia-a rareautosomal-recessive disease

Judy and Sam are thinkingof having children, but Sam's brother has galactosemia (a rareautosomal, recessive disease) and Judy's great-grandmother also hadgalactosemia. Judy ha

How has dna sequencing affected the science of organisms

How has DNA sequencing affected the science of classifying organisms, You are on vacation and see an organism that you do not recognize. Discuss what possible steps you can ta

Inhibition of the disenfectants or antiseptics

I just did a lab with antiseptics and disinfectants and a lab report question asks "were any microorganims increasing within the zone of inhibition of any of the disenfectants

Contrast a typical plant cell with a typical animal cell

Compare and contrast a typical plant cell with a typical animal cell. Describe their extracellular surfacesand internal features. Include at least three structures they have

Develop the principle of independent assortment

Two of the seven different pea traits examined by Mendel involved genes that we now know are linked. Knowing this, can you explain why Mendel was still able to use results f

What are health risks for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

What are the health risks for Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons? Have you been exposed to these compounds? What are the health risks associated with e-cigarettes? What compound

Theory of spontaneous generation and biogenesis

Describe the debate between theory of spontaneous generation and biogenesis. Explain how Louis Pasteur's experiment with the S-neck flasks in the 1800's resolved this deba

Describe the mechanism of action of antiarrhythmics

Describe the mechanism of action of antiarrhythmics. Give a comparison of their electrophysiological actions, clinical applications, drug-drug interactions and their site ef


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