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Discussion 1

"Adaptors for Component Compositions" Please respond to the following:

Question 1: Provide a real-life example of a software application that illustrates the different types of adaptors needed to support sequential composition and a real-life example of a software application that illustrates the different types of adaptors needed to support additive composition.

Question 2: Explain how the sequential and additive composition adaptors differ in terms of their usage, their software integration, and their reuse.


Discussion 2

"Software as a Service" Please respond to the following:

Question 1: From the e-Activity, describe two requirements of the software as service and the subscription economy as outlined in the Forbes article. Explain how your selected requirements affect the subscription business model.

Question 2: Propose a software application that would be ideal for the subscription economy and explain the benefit of following such a business model.

Reference no: EM13727805

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