Sociological or environmental problem in your culture

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Research Requirements: At least two articles from the Orange Coast College Library and one source from the internet.

How to choose the ideal research topic:

Choose a topic which truly interests you. The topic can be a sociological or environmental problem in your culture. Also, the topic can be a subject about which you would like to know more.  You may also choose a research topic from the list below or develop a limited topic which can be researched in the Orange Coast Library or a public library. DO NOT choose a broad topic such as racism,  animals' rights, gambling, freedom,  food, etc. You will need to narrow your topic by asking who, what, where, how, and why questions.


1. Protection of victims vs. freedom of speech/rights of the accused

2. How to improve race relations

3. Profiling

4. Reverse discrimination

5. Women still earn only 75 cents for every $1 a man earns. Explain why.

6. Discrimination in education

7. Discrimination in the workplace: analyzing issues for today's corporations.

8. Gender discrimination

9. Interracial marriage


1. Limits for campus safety vs. personal freedom

2. Implications on violence and crime

3. Issues with binge drinking

4. Should the U.S. lower the drinking age to 18?

5. Leniency because of condition vs. community safety

6. Revoking drivers license vs. being able to attend classes and work

7. Age discrimination of violators


1. Animal rights vs. medical research

2. Should it be illegal to use animals for sports and entertainment?

3. Humane treatment of animals vs. factory farms

4. Animal welfare in slaughter houses

5. Animal protection vs. business, employment interests


1. School prestige vs. academic standards

2. Should shoe companies be able to give away free shoes and equipment to high school athletes?

3. Should college athletes be paid?

4. Doping in sports

5. What are the effects on children whose parents push them in sports?

6. Steroids: Should they be legalized?

7. Title IX: Has it helped women's sports? Has it harmed men's sports?

8. Social effects of team sports


1. Needed in public school library/curriculum?

2. Needed in entertainment industry?

3. Needed on the Internet?

4. Should parents censor textbooks and other literature for children in schools?

5. Parental filters on the Internet. Does censorship actually increase curiosity and use of pornography?

6. How is internet censorship used in China and around the world?

7. How has United States censorship changed over the decades?


1. ACT or SAT score requirements

2. Promotional techniques, such as 1st time scholarships

3. 4 year vs. 2 year colleges

4. College admission policies

5. College tuition planning

6. Distance education

7. Diploma mills

Computer Crimes and Security

1. Online porn vs. freedom of speech

2. Stalking, invasion of privacy vs. reasonable access

3. Hacking crimes-workable solutions?

4. What are the latest ways to steal identity and money?

5. From where does spam email come and can we stop it?

6. How do computer viruses spread and in what ways do they affect computers?

7. Cyber security

8. Securing Internet commerce: is it possible in today's arms' race of hackers and evolving technology?


1. Is downloading of media (music, videos, software) infringing on the rights of media producers and causing economic hardships on media creators?

2. Should media producers prosecute students and individuals that they suspect of downloading copyrighted materials?

3. Programs such as SPOTIFY and PANDORA

4. Copyright Law

Cosmetic Surgery

1. Age limitations on surgery

2. Addiction to surgery

3. Demand for beauty by society

4. The dangers of breast implants for teenagers

5. The cost of cosmetic surgery

6. Plastic surgery

7. Weight loss surgery

8. Body image

9. Are surgeons "scissor happy," and are surgeries widely performed when there is no need?

Reference no: EM131067995

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