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What questions would you like answered by a social scientific study? Pick a question that interests you, and describe how you would design a sociology study to answer that question. List what you would do for each step (for example, topic: homelessness; detailed question: why are we seeing an increase in the number of homeless women and children?, etc). Be sure to list what you would do for every step outlined in your textbook. Then, explain your choice of a research method. Why did you choose this method (survey, qualitative interviews, etc.), and why do you think it’s the best choice?

Reference no: EM13904404

Creating p chart to monitor the process

The Shoe Store manufactures athletic shoes. The company wants to establish a p-chart to monitor the production process using  Z  = 3.00. The company has taken a sample of 50 s

How might the company use secondary research

Briefly describe your company. Identify potential problems or issues (current or future) that your company might address with a research study. What indicators are prevalen

Overall strategy to build an effective business model

Imagine that you are a business manager for a mid-sized company. Propose one (1) overall strategy to build an effective business model in order to both monitor / control chang

Considering market development versus product development

If a company has $1 million to spend on a new strategy and is considering market development versus product development, what determining factors would be most important to co

Religious groups that combine separation from society

Religious groups that combine separation from society with new ideas and an emphasis on mystical experience fall into which religious types? a. church b. sect c. cult d. divis

Calculate the productivity in sales revenue/labor expense

the Windy 2000. Units sold 1,217 Sale price each $1,700 Total labor hours 46,672 Wage rate $12/hour Total materials $60,000 Total energy $4,000 Calculate the productivity in

Leadership is struggling to keep consistent teamwork

Patients are getting lost and confused when they entire the triage area, which is creating a sense of panic among the patients. When patients are registered and receiving thei

Instruments has two manufacturing plants

Davis Instruments has two manufacturing plants in Atlanta, Georgia. Project demand varies considerably from month to month, causing Davis extreme difficulty in workforce sched


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