Social media tools in e-commerce

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Social Media Tools in E-Commerce

Social media defines itself as a set of interactive tools that assists in connecting people and encourages small businesses in using these tools for relationships and engagement with vendors, customers, community, and peers. Social media also helps businesses in implementing objectives such as customer service, competitive analysis, lead generation, networking, public relations, and market research (Bellamkonda, 2011).
Social media lends itself as an excellent marketing tool for all types of businesses. One advantage of e-commerce sites is that they have the option of using the various online networks. The target audience of e-commerce is the online shopper and as research indicates, most people who spend time online shopping also spend much of his or her time on social media sites (Progressive Media Concepts, 2011). Businesses benefit from social media by creating a platform in which online patrons can follow the company's progress, product reviews, new products, special offers, and coupons. In creating a positive rapport with followers businesses can advertise and even sell their products through whichever social media site they choose.

Reference no: EM13914964

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