Social media is one of the most important ways that team

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1. Social media is one of the most important ways that team, organizations, and brands connect with fans. Athletes play a major role in the social media landscape, with their posts, comments, photos, and videos often accessed by millions of fans. How can posts by individual athletes directly impact teams, organizations, and brands in positive and negative ways? Provide specific examples to illustrate your opinions. Discuss the challenges athlete social media activity poses for sports marketing professionals, and ways that organizations can proactively address potential situations.

2. Social media offers aspiring sports marketing professionals many opportunities to interact with industry professionals through a wide range of groups, discussion forums, and online organizations. Using resources such as LinkedIn or the North American Society for Sports Management, locate two or three groups or discussion forums of interest to you. Post the links to each along with a brief summary of how other students can use the sites to interact and network with industry professionals.

Reference no: EM131283122

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