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Social Change/As Moskowitz notes, there exist "...general forces that shape social cognition, even though we remain naïve to their influence" (Moskowitz, 2005, p. 233). Social psychologists continue to study the social "forces" that influence how one thinks and in turn, how such thoughts impact behavior. This course has covered several areas of social cognition including the following: consider ways you might use your knowledge of social cognition for social change in your future role./ Reference: Moskowitz, G. B. (2005a). Attribution. In Social cognition: Understanding self and others (pp. 233-266). New York, NY: Guilford Press.

A explanation of two ways you might use social cognition to promote social change. Explain how you might incorporate social cognition into your future practice and research. Explain how you might use an element of social cognition in your daily interactions with others. Be specific and use examples.

Reference no: EM1352589

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