Smallest possible array to solve the problem

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Use a one-dimensional array to solve the following problem:

Read in 20 numbers, each of which is between 10 and 100. As each number is read, print it only if it is not a duplicate of a number that has already been read. Provide for the "worst case," in which all 20 numbers are different. Use the smallest possible array to solve this problem.

Reference no: EM1383959

Effects of emotions and social learning on behaviors

Based on this week's discourse and content, access an University Library and research one peer-reviewed article pertaining to social processing that was published within the

What are four different types of performance reporting

What are four different types of performance reporting? For each of them, describe the following: Who will be the target audience? How often you will use this type of reportin

Examining mental representations and the mind-brain relation

The strong dualism position of Descartes suggests that the mind is fully separate from the brain, and that, therefore, there may be no detectable manifestation of representa

What are the advantages of the approach to organization

Using your own organizational experience - share observations of how invisible lines of power are created and maintained. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this ap

What is the gorbachev revolution

What is the Gorbachev Revolution? Discuss the errors that Mr. Gorbachev made when he pushed the reforms in Russia. What are the five generations of the Chinese leadership? D

Influence of the ghosts of peter quint and miss jessel

Historically, debates about the meaning of The Turn of the Screw have been preoccupied with the credibility of the governess who narrates the novel: Is the governess right,

What is the real thanksgiving story

What is the "real" Thanksgiving Story? Explain five things that you learned from this story. State if you were taught this version of the story and if yes what impact did this

Postive social value-skills in learning to other effectively

Identify and describe at least two ways you use the classroom curriculum to help students develop postive social values and skills in learning to relate to others effectively.


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