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Penny’s Pies is a small specialty supplier to a national coffee-house chain. Penny’s makes three types of pies (apple, cherry, and pecan). Penny’s operates 250 days per year with a single eight-hour shift. Capacity is controlled by the number of production lines within the bakery (a line consists of mixing equipment, rolling and cutting equipment, an oven, and packaging equipment). Pie Demand Forecast (pies/year) Processing Time (minutes/pie) Lot Size (# of pies) Setup Time (minutes/setup) Apple 184,000 6.2 1,150 10.5 Cherry 64,000 8.6 320 20.0 Pecan 32,000 5.1 400 31.8 Determine the number of production lines Penny’s should have based on the information provided in the above table. (Round up your answer to the next whole number.)

Reference no: EM132280594

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