Slavery that have been challenged in recent years

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Varying Viewpoints” notes that Ulrich B. Phillips made certain claims about slavery that have been challenged in recent years. Which of the following is not one of his conclusions? 

a) slaves were racially inferior 
b) slavery was a dying economic institution 
c) planters treated their slaves with kindly paternalism
d) slaves were passive by nature and did not abhor slavery 
e) slavery was comparable to the Nazi concentration camps 

Reference no: EM13209249

Cultures influencing the expression of emotions

Finally explain how these cultures influence the expression of these emotions. Support your responses using the Learning Resources and the current literature.

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A piston-cylinder device equipped with a resistance heater is initially filled with 0.4 kg of saturated water vapor at 200 degrees C. Now the heater is turned on, the steam is

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Clearly defined norms of a society that, when violated, provide punishment through the application of formal sanctions by ruling authority are called:

Stereotype be when it comes to giving treatment

Experience of depression is somehow consist with traditional nation of femininity and womanhood, where as Mania is much more aligned with how we think of masculinity. do you

From a native daughter trask

Briefly summarize what Trask meant when she wrote: "I was reading the West's view of itself through the degradation of my own past." Provide at least three examples that she

Discuss the best mechanisms to promote quality outcomes

Quality of care will continue to be a major challenge across the long-term care continuum in the future. Among the following delivery sites: assisted living facilities, home


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