Situation analysis of food security in new zealand
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Food Insecurity occurs, when individuals do not have enough food to satisfy hunger, have an insufficient and limited diet, are anxious about having enough food, or need to resort to makeshift coping strategies such as begging, scavenging or relying on emergency assistance.

In this report we will discuss the Food insecurity in New Zealand under following tabs:-

1.      Introduction

  • Importance of food
  • Food Security
  • Food Insecurity
  • A global challenge
  • Challenge to meet population growth and simultaneous demand for food
  • Factors results in low food security

2.      Current status of Food Security in New Zealand

  • Population v./s. Food
  • Food availability
  • Causes for food insecurity

3.      Economical Factors

4.      Social Factors

5.      Political Factors

6.      Barriers to solve food insecurity

7.      Benefits of food insecurity maintained

8.      Management and Solutions

9.      Conclusion

Management and solutions placed can help reduce negative effects of low food security in NZ extensively. However, the lack of political involvement and instability of the economic environment, where changes at all levels of government and community levels should be present for meaningful changes to occur to reduce and thereby eliminate food insecurity in NZ.

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