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Humans have about 20,000 genes. If each gene had two alleles (not actually true since some have only one and other far more than two), how many different genotypes could be produced from a single mating event?

Reference no: EM132280410

What is the minimum number of nucleotides needed

You've discovered a new life form from a differentplanet, and you're studying how this organism translates itsgenetic code into proteins. This organism has 14 types of amino

Explain the man is karyotipically normal

The man is karyotipically normal.what is the probability that this couple will producea child with a debilitating syndromeas a result of crossing over within the pericentric

What elese can be done to incrase or decrease the chances

Environments factors such as low folic acid, low vit b6, b12, inositol, metthionine and high homocysteine increases risk for NTCD. cysteine reduction in diets helps preventi

Which one has higher chance to produce a normal gamete

There are 2 heterzygotes: one is wild type chromosome/a chromosome with a deletion, the other one is wild type chromosome/a chromosome with inverted sequence. Which one has

What is the function of isomerase in glycolysis

What is the function of isomerase in glycolysis. What would happen if isomerase were not present? What would happen to the output of ATP and pyruvate from one molecule of gl

Creating a mutant lysosomal protein

If you were to create a mutant lysosomal protein in which a glutamine replaced an asparagine contained in the wild type protein the mutant has a Gln where the normal protein h

Explain what these sensory deficits

Ms. Carter suffered a head injury in a motor vehicle crash. She injured her right ear, her right occipital lobe, her right temporal lobe, and parts of her diencephalon. She ha

Generate an in vitro system for the formation of copii

Your friend is trying to generate an in vitro system for studying the formation of COPII vesicles. He finds that to get well-organized vesicle budding from artificial membrane


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