Should we mount a massive effort to restore ecosystems

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Environmental Controversy - Ecosystems Biodiversity

Should we mount a massive effort to restore ecosystems that we have degraded even though this will be quite costly? For this weeks environmental controversy we explore this question. Using the textbook, and any additional outside resources, answer the questions below. Write a 1-2 paragraph response to the questions posed to you. Remember to cite your sources using APA.

Ecological restoration, which is discussed in your textbook, has a critical role in protecting and understanding the Earth's environments. Unfortunately, even if personnel and financial resources are available, many sites are too damaged to be effectively restored. In such cases, alternatives to restoration must be pursued, including: rehabilitation, remediation, replacement, or the creation of artificial ecosystems.

Some individuals worry that large-scale ecological restoration could mislead the public into believing that any amount of environmental damage can be undone. Ultimately, a massive and expensive restoration program could be offset by weakened regulations and increased environmental damage in other areas. Furthermore, alternatives to ecological restoration may be able to repair more sites at less cost.

Based on what you have read and researched, do you believe that the loss of biodiversity is a concern for humans? Should the government not only preserve but restore ecosystems that we have degraded the biodiversity even though this will be quite costly?

Reference no: EM131154421

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