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Recent cases have addressed the issue of liability with regards to both police officers' individual liability as well as the potential civil liability of government entities. From your readings Town of Castle Rock v. and Brosseau v. Haugen one might say that these cases could be said to favor law enforcement. In 2-3 pages, respond to the following questions: Do you think that this is a trend in this country towards stopping litigation against law enforcement officials? Do you agree with the decisions in these cases? Why or why not? Do officers have enough to worry about without being concerned with potential lawsuits? Should we eliminate the ability of citizens to sue government in the kinds of cases in these examples?

Reference no: EM13780501

Discussion the impact of a judeo-christian

The juvenile justice system covers a number of categories of children: delinquent, undisciplined, dependent, neglected, abused, and status offender. Finally, integrate withi

Christopher roper committed a murder

At age 17, Christopher Roper committed a murder. He was tried after he turned 18 and was sentenced to death. The U.S. Supreme Court later held that it is unconstitutional to i

Perks from computer salespersons

For instance, if a data processing manager decides to purchase mainframe computers for his or her company, it is unethical or illegal for him or her to accept a percentage o

In whose favor do you think the court ruled

The Laths were the owners of a farm that they wished to sell. Mrs. Mitchell considered purchasing the land but found that a barn located across the road was objectionable.

Recent chemical attack by the syrian government

Have chemical attacks conducted in the past by such groups like the Japanese terrorist group Aum Shinrikyo or the Iraqi government in the late 1980s had a significant effect

Describe fully your selected county''s central strategy

List and describe fully your selected county's central strategy or plan. These are often emergency operations plans with various subordinate annexes and appendices, but becaus

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One of the pressing issues for courts is mandatory sentencing guidelines. Do you believe that those guidelines provide fair sentencing for crimes for the guilty or impose un

How is the court likely to rule

Besides containing a provision entitling Parker to use the Shoddy Shoe Repair name for the business, the parties' contract included a clause that prohibited Shoddy from open


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